C³M at the Innovation Forum for Civil Security 2022

The essence of the BMBF‘s innovation forum for civil security 2022 points at practitioner involvement and interdisciplinary research for increasingly simultaneous crisis scenarios . The C³M team participated actively as an associated partner of the practitioner network ForAn and as member of the BMBF funded project BISKIT. Michael Middelhoff and Dennis Horstkember from the C³M team elaborated on relevant research questions for existing and future solutions with practitioners, experts and colleagues from the security research domain. The experiences with human-centered design in our past research projects has shown that focusing on requirements and problems of practitioners is not sufficient, but it is of key importance to involve practitioners actively in the design, development, and testing of innovative crisis management solutions. The desire and need for interdisciplinary research is going to promote future research projects. The civil security is facing the challenge not to create isolated solutions, but rather integrate multiple disciplines into combined research efforts. Cascading effects during crisis change more and more to increasingly complex and simultaneous crisis scenarios. The C³M team, with its current and future partners, will continue to develop techniques and methods, supporting practitioners to prepare proactively and dynamically for arising challenges.