DRIVER+ Trial Guidance Methodology @ the BroadWay Project

C³M hosted a workshop on the application of the TGM

On October 10th, Adam Widera was invited to host a workshop on applying the DRIVER+ Trial Guidance methodology for the H2020 BroadWay project.

The BroadWay project will take the first procurement steps to enable ‘interoperable next generation of broadband radio communication systems for public safety and security’ to improve Public Safety and Disaster relief organisation’s (PPDR’s) service to Europe’s citizens and enhance interoperability across borders. The primary goal of this project is to: Procure Innovation activity to develop and demonstrate TRL8 technologies that will enable a pan-European interoperable broadband mobile system for PPDR, validated by sustainable testing facilities. BroadWay implements a Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) with the purpose to realise innovative solutions for the implementation of the ‘SpiceNet Reference’ architecture to all European countries. This will include, and not be limited to, those important mission critical broadband services, and provision for an application and service eco-system that will make use of these services. Important outcomes are expected here regarding the availability of technology solutions. 

In order to not focus on technological maturity only, BroadWay uses the D+ Trial Guidance Methodology to assess conceptual maturity of the selected technologies by following the practitioner-driven evaluation led by the Bavarian Red Cross. During this meeting, not only key outcomes of the 4 DRIVER+ Trials were presented, but a deep analaysis of the required steps to apply the DRIVER+ Trial Guidance Methodology was execute.