The C3M team contributes to the DRIVER experiment "Interaction with Citizens"

GDACSmobile in the field

In a joint effort DRIVER partners successfully inaugurated the platform in The Hague by conducting a large-scale experiment involving an overall number of approximately 150 volunteers (135 citizens and 15 CM professionals), 26 technicians and experiment organizers, 28 external observers, 9 evaluators and 7 DRIVER solutions. The experiment took place at the VRH premises over two days on April 19th to 20th and assumed a flood scenario in which a combined high tide with an extreme weather event threatened the citizens in the region of The Hague. The first day allowed the experiment participants consisting of volunteering citizens and first responders to get acquainted with the tools and the possibilities of using them, whereas the second day simulated the preparedness and the response phase of the crisis. The focus in the morning was on gathering information from citizens as well as informing them about the expected flood and in the afternoon on assessing the extent of the damage and tasking the volunteers to collect extra information. The C3M team deployed the GDACSmobile tool to gather information from the cotizens in the field. We recieved lots of data, which is currently being analyzed in order to evaluate its impact  on the crisis communication between the first responders and citizens.